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Spring Edge Auditions

The program runs early-March through early-June. Schedule-Friendly Rehearsal Process for our Busy Teens!

James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim take everyone’s favorite storybook characters and bring them together for a timeless, yet relevant, piece… and a rare modern classic. The Tony Award-winning book and score are both enchanting and touching. The story follows a Baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King’s Festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the Baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a Witch’s curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse. Everyone’s wish is granted, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results. One of Sondheim’s most popular works, Into the Woods is a musically sophisticated show with the opportunity to feature actors adept at dark comedy.


This program is open to students 13 and older.


Friday, February 9 @ 4:00 to 9:00pm
Random Farms Studio – 77 Executive Blvd, Elmsford, NY

*Please note that a $250 deposit is due in order to secure an audition slot. This deposit is applied to tuition if cast and refunded if not*


Sunday, February 11 @ 12:30 to 8:30pm
Random Farms Studio – 77 Executive Blvd, Elmsford, NY

NOTE: Before scheduling an audition, please review the program schedule and policies listed below.

Callback Lists will be emailed Friday after auditions have been completed. Please note that if you are not called back, you may still be cast!


Review the Character Breakdown 

Please prepare music up to 1 minute in length from a similarly styled musical. Please do not sing from the show. An accompanist will be provided.  Please be sure to provide clearly copied and appropriately marked sheet music in the correct key. Lead sheets, chord charts, and/or a-cappella auditions will not be permitted.


Callback Materials 

The callback materials above are organized in folders labeled by Character Name. Some characters will have 1 or 2 cuts of songs to learn. In addition, some characters will have 1-2 scenes. If the character you are called back for has a song to learn, please use the vocal track to learn the song but be prepared to sing with the karaoke track at call backs.

While we don’t expect callback material to be fully memorized, we do suggest being as familiar/memorized as possible so that you can be physicalizing the character as well as acting the material in your callback.


Frequently Asked Questions About Edge Auditions


There will be two casts. A performer is only called when their role is rehearsing.


Begin Sunday, March 3 (Random Farms Studio)


May 22nd – 30th (All Casts)


Thursday, May 30th @7:30pm – Cast A
Friday, May 31st @ 7:30pm – Cast B
Saturday, June 1st @ 12:00pm – Cast B
Saturday, June 1st @ 5:30pm – Cast A


The Random Farms Studio
77 Executive Blvd.
Elmsford, NY 10523


Paramount Hudson Valley Theater
1008 Brown St.
Peekskill, NY 10566



$1,100 – Subsidized tuition
$1,833  – Actual cost

  • Did you know Random Farms is a non-profit and tuition only covers 60% of the cost of putting a child through the program?
  • Our subsidized tuition prices make participating affordable to a more diverse community.
  • Please consider paying the actual cost, and everything over the subsidized tuition amount will be a tax-deductible donation! This will help support our outreach efforts, which include providing scholarships, discounted tickets, and free performances to those in need.
  • There is no fee to audition. RFKT is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. In order to cover production costs, programs are tuition based. If cast, there is a $1,100 (subsidized tuition) or $1,833 (actual cost) registration fee to participate in the production. Parent/Legal Guardian is financially responsible for fee if student is cast in a role parent (or performer over age 18) says they will accept on the audition form. Cast member is also responsible for providing their own shoes, tights/socks and undergarments, as per the costume memo (emailed and/or posted online after rehearsals begin).


A deposit of $250.00 is required to audition for the program. By auditioning, the student is committing to participate if cast in a role they said was acceptable. You are also responsible for the balance of the tuition if they are cast.  If the student is not cast in the program, your deposit will be refunded within 24 hours of the cast list being posted.


A limited amount of need-based financial aid is available. The scholarship application must be submitted at least 1 week before auditions begin.


Absences due to illness will be granted but please note that this is a rigorous program that requires commitment from everyone involved. We expect participants to be at all scheduled rehearsals unless a previous conflict has been submitted or they are ill.

“Shadowing” (making up a missed rehearsal) is permitted on a limited basis. Pre-approval by the director is required. Performers are encouraged to contact their counterparts and arrange a “switch” should a rehearsal conflict arise.

Participants are required to attend and participate in (and may not arrive late to, or leave early from) our final studio run-thru and tech week rehearsals. Please make sure to double-check your child’s schedule to ensure their availability for these mandatory rehearsals. We are unable to make exceptions to our absence policy. If your child misses a mandatory rehearsal, they will not be allowed to perform in the final show.

All participants must return all loaned materials (including scripts and costume pieces) in good condition. Participants are responsible for providing their own shoes, socks/tights and undergarments as per the costume memo (emailed and/or posted on line once rehearsals start). Participants who do not comply with this participation policy may be removed from the program and their account put On Hold, as described in RFKT’s Standard Agreement, until parents, participant and RFKT can reach an agreement moving forward.


Program Questions: email
Registration Questions: see our FAQs page or email us at